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Emily and Frank

Emily and her husband, Frank, enjoyed many years living on Sarasota Bay. They enjoyed going to the baseball games, the Van Wezel, and many other events in our area.

Frank died suddenly of a heart attack. Emily had been diagnosed with dementia a while back, but until he passed away she didn’t realize how much Frank did. He planned their activities, managed their home, handled finances, and did all of the driving. Frank’s death left Emily feeling lonely and confused.

Her friend, Lynn, recommended that she call a senior care agency so that she could remain independent in her home. She agreed and with Lynn’s help they located Elite Family Care online.

The caregivers found Emily needed to be encouraged to get up each day. She struggled with things like what to wear, what to eat, what to bring on outings and other tasks. On days when Emily seemed confused, her caregivers knew that they must check to make sure she had everything she needed before going out.

Emily’s caregivers worked alongside Emily preparing meals, helping her to match her clothing for the day, and going on walks with her. They even went line dancing with Emily at the Senior Friendship Center. The caregivers also spent a lot of time listening to many stories about her husband, Frank. Lynn was so grateful that, with a little help from Elite Family Care, Emily is able to remain independent in her home.

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