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When Should You Seek Senior Companion Care?

when to find help senior care | elite senior companionsOkay, you’ve always been pretty self sufficient and independent. Even as a kid you may have been the child who wanted to do things without any assistance. Life has been good and you feel good about your achievements, whatever they might be.

However, as hard as it is to admit, lately you’ve been noticing that chores and duties that used to be a snap are becoming a bit, shall we say, challenging? That sure isn’t a welcome thought, but it’s the truth. You even thought recently (perish the thought) that you might appreciate a little assistance with a few things. There’s really no shame to this at all. You might need what many call a senior companion. If you’re extra blessed, your son, daughter, and grandchild might be there to help. If not, there are senior companions who one pays to assist for a few hours each week. How does one actually know when the time has come for help? Below are some tips:


1) If you have fallen a few times and scraped yourself up, maybe you’ve realized you’re not quite as sharp and alert as you used to be. You don’t want to fall and really get hurt or injure yourself and be unable to stand up.

2) If you’ve become hesitant about wandering supermarket aisles for fear that someone might collide with you, this may be a warning sign. Or maybe you become a little forgetful at times about where to find some grocery items.

3) If you feel lonely on walks in the park, to area attractions, or around the block and friends and family aren’t around or available, a companion would be nice for company.

4) If tough housework and heavy jobs around the house are exhausting you, a companion can do the heavy lifting or down-on-the-knees jobs.

5) If cooking and light housekeeping are becoming difficult, have a friendly helper come in and do it for you.

6) Even if you can’t read anymore and would enjoy someone reading to you, there are companions who would love to enjoy a book with you.

7) If you love travel but you can no longer manage it by yourself, you can always hire a senior companion to take the trip with you. Of course, you’ll have to pay the companion’s expenses and some per hour, but if you have the money, why not splurge and do it instead of dragging your whiny, grumpy niece or nephew along?

8) If you’ve got errands that will last four or five hours, why try to carry those bags or push that cart yourself. You’ll be totally exhausted the next day. Just have a companion to help get them all out of the way for the whole week.

I know it may be really hard to admit that you now need help, but a warm and friendly person is more than happy to assist you, whatever the need. You can describe exactly what you need and the companion will neither do more or less than you desire. Go ahead; make the contact.

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